Review Arabian Nights Book

Review: Arabian Nights

Title:        Arabian Nights (Complete Edition)
Author:    M. Galland (Author), Mr. LukFit (Illustrator), Dr. Jonathan Scott (Translator)  
Rating:     ★★

Hello, again with me Nova, with a review of the latest ebook.
book reviews this time on a famous fairy tale of the Arabic countries, yes, Arabian Nights a famous fairy tale that tells the story of the country's thousand and one nights.
This book I bought on Amazon, I actually bought this also because it wants to give a bedtime stories for my nephew.
Of the many books available on Amazon, I chose this book written by  M. Galland  included Complete edition
In the review of information from the buyer, there is one which gives a five-star, the buyer at Amazon UK, and review three star of buyers from
 review book arabian nights

on the basis of that I am sure that the quality is among the 4 star, and it's true.
 The contents of the book is very complete, a lot of the old fairy tales, I feel seemed to live in the time of Caliph Al Rashid.
Well, if you're curious, just buy directly at > Arabian Nights. $ 3.49 price is too low if compared to the complete contents

This is the Arabian Nights, Legend of 1001 nights. story that became a legend of all time from the middle east. First written by M. Galland in Arabic. in 1704, the French translation began to be found. and now this is the complete version of the story of the Arabian Nights in English