What's Going On With the Blog

Hi all! Happy November.
I'm making a post on what's actually going on with this blog. It's occurred to me that I'm going to be blogging less and less and less....
I'm NOT going on a hiatus. I'm still online, just not enough time to be blogging.
Reasons? (And yes, you can totally skip over these)
1. NaNoWriMo
If you know what this is, you'll know it'll take a LOT time out of me. If you don't know what it is: google it.
2. Mayfield.
Mayfield is a high school specialized for art. Some of you may know about how I sing and play the piano on YouTube? Well, Mayfield is a school that takes auditions. I have to sing scales, a classical piece and something of my own. Imagine how long it takes to actually prep that. As well, there are only 24 spots for singers and close to 100 people auditioning.
3. School
I'm in 8th grade. It's crazy. Not as crazy as some of you in the US but with everything else, makes for a pretty nuts November. It isn't even the homework. Its all my activities, practices and my sleep tendencies.
And so the final verdict is that November will be slow. And you will just have to bear with me.
As well, I'm starting a new Weekly Schedule. I've decided that I need some changes.
Monday: Review (Same)
Tuesday: Song Review (Same)
Wednesday: Review Waiting on Wednesday (Starting this! And very excited!)
Thursday: Nothing/Won't Shut Up Review
Friday: Feature and Follow Won't Shut Up/Nothing
Saturday: Review and every last of the month, Stacking the Shelf (Same)
Sunday: Still Nothing

Musings of a Blogder is in for some changes and it will be my New Year's Bash. It'll be epic. JS.